Services Provided by BYU Alumni

Membership and BYU Activity Information

  • Lists of chapter members and their addresses from the alumni database can be provided upon request.
  • Regular information regarding:
    • Travel of BYU entities
      • Performing groups, athletic teams, BYU faculty and administrators
      • FARMS, CES, etc.
    • Placement, networking and career fair opportunities

Web Services

Each chapter has its own page hosted on the alumni site with information on members and events among other things.

Training for Chapter Leaders

  • Sponsorship and planning of annual chapter conference.
    • BYU Alumni will host two leaders from each chapter, usually the chapter chairs. The following is provided.
      • Meals during the conference
      • Tickets to campus events
      • Conference training materials, etc.
  • The alumni staff visits chapters on occasion to train leaders and encourage chapter activity, as budgets allow.

BYU Alumni Benefits/Support

  • Email production and distribution
    • BYU Alumni staff can create and distribute emails for chapter events
  • Registration for events
    • Creation of event registration for chapter events
    • Taking credit card payment for registration is also provided
  • The design and mailing of chapter event fliers and chapter newsletters
    • Flier and newsletter design by staff, layout and copies
    • One mailing each year is provided at no charge. third-class, bulk rate)
    • Additional mailings as needed, charged at cost.
  • Awards:
    • Community service awards provided upon approval of application.
  • Chapter Replenishment Grants:
    • The tracking and maintenance of chapter replenishment grant fund accounts
    • Coordination of replenishment grant awards with the BYU Scholarship Office.
  • Alumni staff can help when contacting BYU faculty and BYU departments


BYU On Campus Resources

Speakers Bureau

The BYU Speakers Bureau is a service coordinated by the BYU Public Affairs and Guest Relations Office. More than 50 faculty and employees of BYU are available to speak to various organizations. Speakers from ISPART (Institute for the Study and Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts)—formerly FARMS—and from the College of Nursing are also available. BYU speakers will accommodate civic, educational, corporate, or church groups (at the stake, regional, or area levels).

Speakers scheduled through the BYU Speakers Bureau are free; however, the requesting party is responsible for costs associated with travel, food, and lodging where applicable. If travel is by car, the reimbursement fee for round-trip mileage is payable to the speaker immediately following the presentation. It is BYU Alumni policy that a chapter must turn in annual chapter reports to be eligible for financial help when scheduling a speaker. To schedule a speaker, a request should be made at least two months in advance through Kellie Daniels (801) 422-3605 or email at

Visit the Speakers Bureau homepage or to schedule a speaker go to:

Performing Arts Management

Representing the finest in entertainment from Brigham Young University, BYU’s performing ensembles annually participate in stage performances, conventions, workshops, festivals, competitions, and other community outreach activities. Chapters, especially local chapters, can request a group to perform in their area. It’s an ideal way to bring BYU to your hometown. Contact the BYU Performing Arts Management office at (801) 422-3576 or email at Visit their homepage at

Athletic Outreach

BYU Athletic Outreach focuses on giving out-of-state BYU fans the opportunity to be a part of the development and success of BYU’s teams. Where possible, athletes will participate in firesides, seminary visits, or other planned events.

Alumni Placement Center

The alumni placement center provides services for BYU alumni and friends who are seeking employment. The center provides free advisement, networking lists, job search, a placement database, as well as other online resources. They hold two career fairs in Provo each year alumni may attend, and they also co-sponsor regional career fairs. For employers, they offer services such as job postings, access to alumni resumes, and assistance with top management positions. Contact Information: Scott Greenhalgh (801) 422-6936

School Relations/Be Smart Firesides

CES firesides are offered throughout the fall across the United States. Each year, the locations of these firesides are changed to give more prospective college students the opportunity to attend. These firesides will inform students about the purpose of gaining a higher education, the options within the church educational system, and how to ease the transition from high school to college.

A chapter may request a Be Smart Fireside in their area. The chapter chair should send a simple letter stating the need in their area for an education conference, how long it has been since there has been a fireside, and if there will be people to help with advertising. After a request is made, a “host Stake” will be found and surrounding stakes will be invited. Requests are made a year in advance and should be sent to Lorie Gardiner at A-209 ASB Provo, UT 84602 or emailed to

Contact Information: School Relations (801) 422-1280

Internship Office

The role of the internship office in the internship process is essentially to direct campus internship traffic and to support the department internship programs. The office also promotes internships as a viable curriculum option among students, faculty and experience providers. The internship office also provides funding and training to department internship coordinators and department internship programs.

The purpose of the internship office is primarily for students; however, as chapter chairs can play a vital role in this process by making contacts with BYU alumni in your area who can lead students to internship opportunities. The internship office contact information is as follows: 5435 HBLL, Provo, UT 84602, Phone: (801) 422-3337, Fax: (801) 422-0172, Email:

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