Online Chapter Annual Reports

How to get the reports

  1. Go to (Chapter Leader Toolbox)
  2. Login with your BYU netid. If you do not have access, send your netid to Roy. He will grant you access.
  3. Under Chapter Reports, open the link: View, Edit, and Submit Reports
  4. Select your chapter and click on continue

What is on the first page - Your Chapter Home/Dashboard

  1. Entry point and primary information from each of three reports
  2. Upcoming Events shows the next 4 events listed on your report
  3. Current Roster shows the roster of your chapter officers
  4. Financial Overview for (year) shows your current beginning and ending balance
  5. Each of these reports can be accessed by clicking on the “view/submit” button
  6. They can also be accessed by hovering the cursor over “Reports” on the header bar

The Reports

Chapter Events and Activities Report

  1. Build your reports by clicking on the +New Entry button
  2. Fill out the boxes and click the Add Event button.
  3. Attendance, # of Volunteers and Volunteer Hours can be added after the event.
  4. Enter everything you do as a chapter; events, activities, coordination meetings, planning meetings, conference calls etc.
  5. Request an email or registration page from the email button on each event.
  6. Request the event be visible on the Chapter web page from the Edit button on each event.

Chapter Leadership Roster

  1. Manage your local Chapter Board or Committee.
  2. To begin, click on Update Info. Add or change information as needed.
  3. Don’t forget to Save Changes.

Chapter Financial Report

  1. Track local finances on an event by event basis and general income and expenses entry
  2. Start by entering the Beginning Balance at the first of the year
  3. Enter the total Income and Expense after each event
  4. For non-event related transactions add a New Expense/Income Entry
  5. The Ending Balance is totaled every time there is a new transaction during the year
  6. This report may change as we learn more about what the BYU General Counsel and BYU Treasurer require that we report.