True Blue Chapters

True Blue Chapter Requirements

  • Organize a full Chapter board. Required Chapter officers (unrelated individuals or couples) include (at a minimum):
    • Chair
    • Vice Chair of Celebration/Engagement
    • Vice Chair of Social Media/Marketing
    • Secretary and/or Treasurer
    • Other members as needed (optional)
  • Hold three or more officer meetings each year
  • Maintain the chapter website and use the online reporting system ( to report each Chapter activity and submit activity/roster reports (August) and financial reports (January)
  • Participate in on-going training – one training quarterly with BYU and with Chapter Directors as needed
  • Complete a minimum of four activities each year, one from each True Blue Chapter Activity Category (below)

*See additional chapter Best Practices


True Blue Chapter Activity Categories

The activities listed below are suggestions to help you when planning your four (or more) True Blue chapter events. There will be others that will fit with your Chapter’s unique needs. You can network with other leaders, including your Chapter Director, to determine what is best for your Chapter.

#1 - Student Engagement

  • Freshmen/New Student Send-off Party
  • Mentoring event for BYU students
  • On-campus student gatherings
  • College Fair or pre-BYU student workshop
  • Co-sponsor or coordinate a “Be Smart” event

#2 - Alumni Engagement

  • Sponsor a networking event that supports alumni career/employment development
  • Mentoring event for young alumni
  • Organize a BYU performance group show
  • Coordinate a BYU athletic team/performance group outreach to community
  • Coordinate a BYU athletic team/performance group fireside
  • Host a Speakers Bureau event
  • Host a community-based activity, picnic, cultural event, professional athletic event, alumni seminar, etc.
  • Game watch party
  • Organize a tailgate (football or other BYU athletics gathering)

#3 - Replenishment Grant Activity

  • Raise funds for a Chapter replenishment grant program during the year (minimum goal is ½ tuition)
    • Sponsor a fund raising event for Replenishment Grants- golf, 5K, dinner, cottage meeting, ask campaign, etc.
    • Conduct a Fund Raising Campaign (face-to-face, social media, etc.)

#4 - Enlarge the Influence of the Spirit of the Y

  • Meet together and nominate an alumnus for a national University Award
  • Recognize and award an alum with a BYU Alumni Community Service Award
  • Select and present a teacher appreciation award to a local educator
  • New and innovative events that increase alumni connections and enhance the BYU brand
  • Serve a BYU organization/College/Department in their effort to enhance educational opportunities
  • Set up a campus tour (or visit to an attraction, i.e. museum) for alumni or friends of BYU visiting Provo
  • Small group events (examples include watching a BYUtv broadcast of Education Week, Women’s Conference, etc.; a social gathering with alumni and/or non-alumni parents of new BYU students)


Cash Incentives for Chapter Performance

(Funds are added to the Chapter’s Replenishment Grant account. Incentive funds can also be used to reimburse a chapter member for travel or lodging expenses at the annual Chapter Conference, or food or supplies for a chapter/student gathering at the conference. Reimbursement requests must come from the Chapter Chair using the reimbursement request form.)

True Blue Chapter - $500

  • Chapter meets basic requirements (listed above)


Chapter Performance Recognition Awards

  • In addition to the cash incentives, each True Blue Chapter is recognized at the annual Chapter Conference. Those attaining True Blue the first time will also receive a True Blue BYU Alumni Banner for the chapter's use.