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Jared & Darlene Rounsville

Chapter Leaders

Chapter Chair: Jared & Darlene Rounsville

VC Connections: Sebastian & Jessica Dunlap

VC Social Media: Marissa Pinon

Treasurer: Kory Hoggan


Auxiliary Positions

Vice Chair (Event Planning): Aaron Briggs/Kristen Briggs

Repenishment Grant Coordinator: Ian Kohl

Fundraising Coordinator:

Marketing Specialist: Marissa Pinon

Asst. for Event Planning: Jeremy Thompson

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BYU Alumni Chapters offer services and activities to keep alumni active in the life of the university today and to connect you with your wealth of experiences from your time at BYU. There are Regional Chapters (based on where you live), College Chapters (aligned with your degree, college, or department at BYU) and Professional Chapters (associated with a group, industry, society or affiliation of grads). All Chapters have one purpose - to be True Blue.

They connect alumni with students (mentoring, internships, employment opportunities, replenishment grants).

They connect alumni with each other (networking, career and professional development, social activites).

They enlarge the Spirit of the Y (community recognition, service projects, newsletters).

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Chapter Events

BYU Fifty Event--New Mexico

Aug 13, 2018

Get ready, everyone! BYU Fifty is coming to NM on August 13, 2018. We don't knwo where the BYU Fifty flag will be dropped, but the rules are at the following link: Every Sunday the upcoming week’s BYU50 schedule will be posted on BYU Cougars social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) On the morning of each drop, the state(s) to be dropping that day will be posted On the day of each drop, the general location and time frame for each drop will be posted When it is time for each drop to start, a picture of a BYU50 flag at the drop location will be posted The FIRST participant to the drop location will win the BYU50 flag EVERY person who shows up to the drop location within 30 MINUTES of the picture being posted will have the opportunity to win the BYU50 box!! ex. The picture is posted at 6:05pm … everyone who arrives before 6:35pm has a chance to win EVERY person who wants to win a BYU50 box MUST take a picture with the “GO COUGS” roller banner provided at the drop location AND post that picture to their personal social media platforms using #BYU50. MUST be wearing BYU gear ONE post PER person PER social media platform Contestants’ social media accounts must be PUBLIC so the post is visible After the 30-minute window has closed no more submissions will be entered to win ONE winner will be selected at RANDOM by BYU from all of the eligible submissions at each BYU50 drop Each winner will be contacted by BYU via social media (same day) Each winner will be announced by BYU on social media (same day) BYU will mail the BYU50 box directly to each winner

Reppin' the Y! New Student Send-off FHE

Steve and Jennifer Christiansen Home
Aug 20, 2018

This event will be a BBQ and pool party at the Christiansen's home in Corrales! This is for all new students heading up to BYU this fall and their families. Main dish will be provided. Please bring a side dish or dessert item, and if you'd like to swim, please bring swimsuits and towels. We will have fun, eat good food, enjoy awesome Cougar company, learn all about BYU from current BYU students and alumni, and enjoy fun activities! Please RSVP to Jared Rounsville, 505-453-1589 by Aug 15 with number of people attending. See you there! Go Cougars!

Homecoming: NM Student and Alumni Gathering

Wilkinson Center
Oct 10, 2018

Details TBD, held at the Wilk; for NM alumni in town for Homecoming events, and for current NM-based students attending BYU.