California - Los Angeles North

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Wendy Hart

Chapter Leaders

Chapter Chair: Wendy Hart

VC Connections: Christine Corless

VC Social Media: Heidi Clark

Treasurer: Chris Hart

Secretary: Brent Ballard

Auxiliary Positions

Replenishment Grant Rep: Tom Corless

Back-to-School Fireside: Lori Collyer

Special Events: Kendall Hales

Special Events: Dorothy Devore

Special Events: Brent Ballard

Special Events: Monte Harrick

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Management Society Rep: Chase Parry

Law Society Rep: David Blood

Cougar Club Rep: Fred Carpenter

BYU Idaho Ambassadors: Ben and Aprilanne Sweat

Fireside Committee: Christie Frandsen

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Chapter Events

BYU Women's Volleyball at Pepperdine

Firestone Fieldhouse
Jan 11, 2018

BYU Women's Basketball at Loyola Marymount

Gersten Pavillion
Jan 18, 2018

Glendale Central Building
Jan 20, 2018

BYU School of Music Fireside

Glendale Central Building
Jan 20, 2018

Join us for an evening of exceptional music provided by students and faculty of the BYU School of Music.

BYU Men's Basketball at Pepperdine

Firestone Fieldhouse
Feb 15, 2018