Sam and Julie Billin

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Chapter Chair: Sam and Julie Billin

VC Connections: Quinn and Amber Westmoreland

Treasurer: Brent and Sadie Goulding

Secretary: Sam and Julie Billin

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    Stay connected for good by cultivating the Spirit of the Y among BYU alumni in Northern Nevada.


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Chapter Events

Night of Nursing

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Mar 01, 2018

Night of Nursing is an annual event sponsored by the BYU College of Nursing. The purpose of the event is bring BYU alumni and friends together for a night of reminiscing, networking, and fun! A special broadcast will begin at 6:30 pm PDT featuring Sister Barbara Perry as the guest speaker. She is the widow of Elder L. Tom Perry and a former BYU Nursing faculty member. The broadcast will also include a 15-minute Q&A session where participants can submit their questions via social media. Young Women are invited to come work on Personal Progress Value experience #5 in Knowledge... "Learn about an area of work or service that interests you. Talk to someone who works in that field and find out what that person’s job responsibilities are, what training or education the person obtained to do the job, and what contributions this person’s job makes to society. Record your findings in your journal."