BYU Alumni Help Determined Single Mother Achieve Dreams

As a mother of two energetic boys, ages 4 and 2, Christine Amaya’s hands are always full. Juggling parenthood and heavy coursework as a student at BYU is challenging even for the most capable mothers. As a divorcée, however, Amaya must juggle her obligations single-handedly.

Amaya joined the Church while attending college in Delaware. Soon Amaya married and transferred to BYU–Idaho to continue her schooling. She never finished. After eight years, her marriage ended and her life continued to unravel. She found she lacked necessary skills to provide for her family, and realized she had to go back to school. Although she had found a solution, the cost of college loomed as an insurmountable obstacle. Undeterred, Amaya faithfully moved forward. She was accepted to BYU and, with her boys, moved to Provo to study psychology and counseling.

When the Denver BYU Alumni Chapter heard her remarkable story, they quickly provided Amaya with a Replenishment Grant to help her finish her education.

Amaya doesn’t rely solely on the replenishment grant. As a student, she works three jobs: as a therapist at Kids on the Move in Orem, as a building custodian on campus, and as a freelance marketer on the side. Throw those jobs on top of motherhood and 15 credit hours you can see Amaya’s tremendous efforts for her family and education.  Even with her relentless schedule, Amaya never forgets why she does what she does: to help her own family and help other families manage children with special needs. She’ll graduate this year from BYU with plans for additional education and training on the horizon.

The replenishment grant was key in helping Amaya return to school. She gratefully explains, “With the help of [this financial aid], I am able to fund my education and it has opened up my life to new possibilities for my young family.”

When asked about how she does it all, Amaya says she tries to not think too much about how it’s done. Then, with tears in her eyes, she quietly points heavenward and adds, “Because Heavenly Father has blessed me so much.”

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Full Name: 
Christine Amaya
Grad Year: 
BS 2017
Family, Home, and Social Sciences
Replenishment Grant Recipient
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