A Different Path

When Julie Williams graduated from BYU with her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, she had a specific plan in mind for how her life should unfold. “I thought I’d serve as a teacher for a few years before becoming a wife and mother,” she says. She soon learned, however, that life rarely goes according to plan.

It wasn’t always easy, dealing with the unexpected direction of her life. Still, despite the difficulty, Williams has remained grateful for the unique experiences she’s had. “I have been able to learn and serve more in my own pathway of teaching than I ever would have on the ‘normal’ path of most teaching careers.” She's also taken advantage of her unusual life circumstances to serve others. “I’ve found ways to use my talents and abilities to help.”

When reflecting on the course of her life, Williams turns to God. “Even though things didn’t go as I had originally planned, I am gradually becoming the person I believe God wants me to be—and that is what life is all about. I believe that it is through our service to others that we truly find ourselves.”

Full Name: 
Julie Williams
Grad Year: 
BS 1998
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