Director of Business Operations and Strategy for Google

Daniel A. Young, 2012 Alumni Achievement Award winner, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Physical and Mathematical Sciences (BS '87) 
Los Altos Hills, Calif. 

BYU lesson learned: "I met my wife here—my future wife. Broke up with my future wife. That was probably one of the hard-learned lessons. . . . I really got some lessons in humility."

Student labor: As a server in a local restaurant, Young was waiting on a table with a BYU professor and three Japanese businessmen, and he used his mission Japanese to speak to them. They were impressed. 
"We're starting a business," one of them said. "Would you be interested in working with us?" 
Young recalls, "He wrote his name and number literally on a napkin. That's how I got my first job."

Y nostalgia: "The easy marriage of intellect and spiritual that feels so natural here and unnecessarily feels in conflict almost everywhere else."

Google's next big thing: Self-driving cars. "It'll take a while to have that technology ready for widespread use, but the impact I think that could have . . . is just pretty phenomenal."

Speaker notes: "Great ideas aren't hard to come by. What is hard is having the audacity to take them on."

Full Name: 
Daniel A. Young
Grad Year: 
BS 1987
Physical and Mathematical Sciences
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