Jennifer Dille

Meet Jen Dille, a BYU alum and executive director for Hope Arising—a non-profit organization working in Dera, Ethiopia. “I graduated in secondary education, so my favorite activity is going into the local schools there,” Jennifer says. “I learned in my classes at BYU the importance of holding the students’ attention.”

True to her education, Jennifer uses a fun activity to teach hygiene to the kids in Dera. “We have one volunteer pretend to sneeze into their hands, which are wet. Then I dump some glitter into their hands. We explain that even though the glitter looks sparkly, it represents germs which can make the children sick. The sneeze-y volunteer goes around shaking hands with the children, who then shake hands with their friends until everyone in the class has glitter on their hands. Then, I pour some anti-bacterial gel into the hands of the original sneeze-r, which gets some of the glitter off but leaves most of it behind. Next, we use soap and water to wash the rest of the glitter away! The kids (and even some of the adults) are amazed and ask, ‘So the soap is more effective than the anti-bacterial gel?’ Bingo!”

Full Name: 
Jennifer Dille
Grad Year: 
BS 1994
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