Mark A. Philbrick

Mark Philbrick

Mark A. Philbrick

                In nearly four decades of professional photography, Mark Philbrick has captured the world, beginning with thousands of images of Utah Valley and Brigham Young University and continuing into countries in Europe, South and Central America, and the Pacific Rim.

                With camera in hand, BYU’s university photographer has hiked the tangled jungles of Guatemala, dived off the coast of Papua New Guinea, sailed the Caribbean, and caught the flavor of a charming rural China as well as the economic giant China has become.

                Among his colleagues Mark has become a bit legendary. Seven times he has been named Photographer of the Year by the University Photographers Association of America, more than double to awards of his closest competitor.

                Fellow UPAA winners have lauded him for the passion to continuously produce outstanding work, his creative spirit, and his desire to push his own boundaries. Says colleague Jim Dusen, himself a three-time POY winner, “Mark is the Renaissance man of photography. He’s able to approach a wide variety of subjects and find a creative end, and he has the technical expertise to pull it off.”

                Mark has been BYU’s university photographer since 1975, often accompanying performing groups to the corners of the earth, hiking with archaeology and geology students, and traveling with the university sports teams. Among the notable figures he has photographed are Condoleezza Rice, President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and his work has been featured in National Geographic, Time Magazine, and Sports Illustrated.

                As always, his talent drives him as he produces outstanding images in inventive ways.

Full Name: 
Mark A. Philbrick
Grad Year: 
BA 1978, MEd 1978
Fine Arts and Communications
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