The Secret Bench

Daniel Hemmert (BA ’01, MBA ’07, JD ’07) loved his time at BYU. “I had a group of friends who would meet at the ‘secret bench’ between classes. It was under a tree located at the bottom of the stairs between the library and engineering buildings. We were all majoring in different things, but we still met almost every day. We would go to have lunch or meet up before studying together in the library.”

Over time, Daniel and his friends went on to leave BYU. Even without the secret bench, however, the friendships are still strong. "Three of us secret benchers hiked Mount Kilimanjaro together two years ago. Another is married to my wife’s sister," Daniel says, "The five of us get together once or twice a year."

Now, Daniel is the vice president and owner of Red Hanger, a dry cleaner and professional laundry in Utah.

*Photo is a representation

Full Name: 
Daniel W. Hemmert
Grad Year: 
BA 2001, JD 2007, MBA 2007
Marketing-International Business
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