Senior VP of Sustainability at Walmart

Andrea B. Thomas, 2012 Alumni Achievement Award winner, Marriott School of Management

Marriott School (MBA '93) 
Bentonville, Ark. 

Why business: "I was working for a PR agency, and I always wanted to know more about the things I wrote press releases about. . . . I knew I needed to not be the one that writes about it but the one that does it."

Worst BYU grade: "Somehow I thought I needed to take an investment theory class. And so derivatives, all that kind of stuff, was completely over my head—and it turns out, if you just hire a good financial planner, you're fine; you don't need to understand any of it."

Hobby: As a mother of three competitive athletes, Thomas says, "Being a cheerleader for my kids right now is my biggest hobby."

Secret skill: "I bake a mean pie."

Professional rewards: As former vice president of global chocolate for Hershey, "I got to travel the world and eat chocolate. . . . The best chocolate in the world is the cocoa-dusted truffles at La Maison du Chocolat in Paris—for the record. These are like $75 a pound, so they are not cheap, but they are delicious."

Speaker notes: "Being inspired is different than receiving inspiration."

Full Name: 
Andrea Brantzeg Thomas
Grad Year: 
MBA 1993
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