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Dear Home Economics and Family and Consumer Sciences Alumni;


       We are embarking on a first for the Home Economics and Family and Consumer Sciences Alumni of Brigham Young University! It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our website. I first, want to thank Rachel Springer for having the foresight and interest in developing this forum. We want to have a place where graduates can come to connect, communicate, interact, and share information with friends and professionals.

       We want to encourage alumni to be life-long learners, whether in an academic or home environment, and promote such discourse in this venue. We would like this to be a place where topics on food and nutrition, health, apparel and textiles, home and family, and other issues can be explored and the latest research presented. We would like to know of your interests and needs as this website unfolds.

       It is with great anticipation that we join with you as alumni reaffirming the influence that we have on our families and communities. We offer support in the various capacities in which you live and work.


Dr. Christine Moore

Emeritus Director Family and Consumer Sciences Education 2004-2017



Our chapter aims to:

  1. Be a bridge between FACS students and alumni.
  2. Support alumni employed in the profession.
  3. Offer opportunities for all alumni to contribute to the group and advocate FACS.


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