BYU students and alumni are increasingly forming helpful links online. Care to join them? Read more and take a quick poll about your own connections.

How connected are you?

Connected for GoodSocial and business connections can be essential to your success, which is why BYU students and alumni are increasingly forming helpful links online.  We live in an interdependent world where six degrees of separation are more than an idea.  Are you connected?  How connected are you?

The ways we connect today are changing. We may no longer be meeting at the bowling alley, but we are, nevertheless, meeting and connecting.  For instance,, created by BYU alumnus David Bradford, is one of many ways LDS people are connecting.

Furthermore, more than 80,000 BYU alumni have created a personal profile on LinkedIn as another means of staying connected, using this electronic card filing system to manage relationships and even send Christmas greetings to family and friends.  Moreover, Brigham Young University ranks sixth in the United States for the number of students on LinkedIn. Students are looking for mentors, and LinkedIn is one way you can connect with and help them.

What is LinkedIn?

Cheryl Snapp Conner, managing partner of Snapp Conner PR, says, "LinkedIn is an essential tool for every business person, and having the BYU network available has made it easy to reconnect with the people I knew during and even after college who are associated with BYU. It has led to several great business opportunities for us."

While most students and alumni on LinkedIn are connecting to uncover economic opportunity (i.e., professional networking), some people just want to keep in touch and find out what others are doing.

Unfortunately, many alumni do not feel connected. In a recent alumni survey, for instance, one alumnus commented that he didn’t feel very connected but admits that he hasn’t tried particularly hard to stay connected either.

Staying connected takes effort. As an alumni community, we have the unique opportunity to develop our social capital and stay connected for good. (See how BYU Alumni compare to others at Help us reach our goal of 20,000 alumni and 7,000 students in the BYU Alumni LinkedIn group by April 2011 (27K by 2011). We encourage you to stay connected and get linked into cyberspace at


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