BYU Alumni Association
Cleveland Chapter Replenishment Grant

"We all drink from wells we have not dug and are all warmed by fires we have not kindled."
- Robert L. Simpson, quoting from a KSL editorial

Generations of students have been blessed by the opportunity to attend BYU where one can study, research and work in and atmosphere that simultaneously promotes knowledge and spiritual growth. The Cleveland Chapter recognizes that access to these blessings may be financially difficult for some northeast Ohio students who are otherwise qualified for a BYU education; this is why the local Replenishment Grant has been established. All scholarship monies come from local donors and are awarded to students living in our chapter area, which includes the Akron, Cleveland, Kirtland, and Youngstown Stakes.

The Perpetual Emigration Fund inspired the grants. Many European converts needed assistance in the 1850's to obey the commandment to gather with the Saints. Funds were collected, travel was completed, and monies repaid, and then those funds were sent to the next people needing assistance. The cycle continued as long as necessary.

Inspired by this model, the Alumni Chapter Replenishment Grants consider not only need and eligibility, but also the moral commitment to repay the grant so that future students can receive financial assistance.


1. The BYU Alumni Association directs Replenishment Grants to needful students, with preference to juniors and seniors, whose total costs of education may not be met through other financial aid programs.

2. To be considered, candidates must meet the following qualifications:

  • Earn a minimum 3.0 GPA from all institutions attended by the end of Winter Semester
  • Demonstrate financial need

3. Grants will be awarded annually and vary in amounts up to full tuition. Grant recipients are expected to replenish the grant fund once they are financially able.

4. Once selected, recipients will be asked to complete the following tasks: write a thank you letter to the chapter, provide a photo for publicity efforts, render 14 hours of service of the recipient's choosing, and attend alumni activities when possible.

5. Recipients will be eligible to apply each year for another grant under the same criteria.

Steps to Apply

1. Read all instructions before opening link in step #2.

2. Print and complete application cover page.

     Paper App for BYU-I & BYU-H

3. Respond to the four prompts and attach to application cover page.

4. Verify you have signed the statement regarding your commitment to replenish the grant as found at the bottom of the application cover page.

5. Mail all completed paperwork to address at top of application by deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.