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Hutch's 7th Annual CM Alumni Fly-Fishing Reunion


It’s time to dust off your fly-fishing equipment and get ready for Hutch’s 7th Annual Friends of CM and CM Alumni Fly-Fishing Reunions.  Last year we visited two wonderful fly fishing destinations.  In April of 2011, a group of about 20 fly fishermen gathered at the LC Ranch in Altamont, Utah for two days of fishing for big rainbows, browns and tiger trout; and in October, we had about 10 die-hard fishermen at Island Park where we spent several days connecting with large Yellowstone cutthroats on Henry’s Lake.

This year I will be hosting two fly-fishing reunions that should be very exciting.  Both will be held in Island Park at our beautiful cabin (11 queen-sized beds; 4 bathrooms; hot tub, etc.) near the Island Park golf course (bring your clubs if you want to).  The first one will be June 19th through the 22nd (Tuesday through Friday); and the second one will be October 10th through the 13th (Wednesday through Saturday).

The total price for the June trip (4 days, three nights) will be $175 per fisherman.   This fee includes lodging, most of your food, and a lot of good-old fashioned fish tales, where, as ‘me ole pappy’ used to say, “We don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.”  Any money not used for food and lodging costs will be deposited into our Alumni Reunions scholarship account for BYU Construction Management students.  On the cabin trips we all pitch in to cook and wash dishes!

This is a self-guided trip, meaning that we basically “divide and conquer.”  Those who want to fish streams and rivers have the Yellowstone waters available (West Yellowstone is 20 miles away), the Madison River (25 miles), the Henry’s Fork River (1 mile), and other moving water in the Island Park/Yellowstone area.  Those who want to fish still waters will have Henry’s Lake (less than 10 miles), a secret Montana Lake that has yielded some big rainbows during past reunions, and other still waters within a short drive of the cabin.

One of the highlights of this June trip will be a presentation by Bill Schiess, author of Fishing Henry’s Lake, the standard work for fly fishermen interested in chasing the big trout for which this lake is famous.  Bill, who has fished and guided on Henry’s Lake for decades (about 100 days a year), recently told me that his favorite time of year to fish Henry’s Lake is the middle of June to the middle of July, so we should be scheduled about right.  Bill will be with us at the cabin on Wednesday evening, June 20th to help us understand this great fishery.

Another option for those who want to pay a rod fee to enjoy one of the premier private fly fishing ranches in the west can come with us to Sheridan Lake (23 miles from the cabin) for a day of chasing rainbows, brook trout, Snake River cutthroats, and Kamloops rainbows.  Some of the fish in Sheridan Lake are in the 10 lb. range, and from what Steve Hyde (the ranch manager) told me recently, a fly fisherman should be able to hook a good number of nice fish during the day.  An added bonus is five miles of spring creek on the ranch for those who want to fish moving water and catch fish on dry flies and nymphs.  The ranch allows a maximum of 8 fishermen per day on the 400-acre lake, so there are plenty of trout for everyone.  Steve has offered to give us a good deal if we have enough fishermen who want to fish the lake and stream. He knows we come to Island Park every year and would like us to make the ranch a regular destination on our reunions.  You can get more information on Sheridan Lake at

You do not have to be an accomplished fly fisherman to enjoy this trip.  We have had several attendees in the past that fly fished for the first time and who brought their spinning rods “just in case.”  Each fisherman will be responsible to provide his/her own equipment (fishing gear, float tube, etc.), and anyone who has a boat is welcome to bring it for Henry’s Lake and Island Park Reservoir.

As usual, there is a limited number of slots (about 10 or so) available for this reunion, so reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis, with a $100 non-refundable fee locking in your place.  Remember, Friends of CM are also invited to attend.  Don’t delay; call me or email me to let me know as soon as you can if you are planning to attend.  Payments can be made on the BYU Alumni Reunions web site with a credit card (there is a small servicing fee); or you can send your check for the $100 non-refundable deposit or the full $175, made payable to BYU, to me at the following address:

Mark Hutchings
Provo, UT  84602

We’ve had six years of enjoyable fly-fishing reunions in Island Park and other wonderful locations.  I’m looking forward to seeing many of you again this summer and/or fall. Start tying flies; and may you dream of large fish!


(801) 422-6489 (BYU)
(801) 592-4524 (cell)

For some pictures and articles from previous reunions (through 2012), you can access annual newsletters located on the BYU Construction Management web page at:

Click on the Alumni and Friends tab and then click on Newsletters in the far left menu

We are planning to post some pictures and videos from our 2011 fly-fishing reunions on the CM web page in the near future, so keep your eyes open for those.
Contact Information
Primary Contact
Mark Hutchings

 Secondary Contact

Date & Location
Date: 6/19/2012 to 6/22/2012
Location: Near the Island Park golf course