Alumni Board

For contact information, please call Jill Nakachi at (801) 422-3605.

Executive Committee
President Michael O’Connor
President Elect Terry Seamons
Executive Director Linda M. Palmer
Vice President, Chapter Directors
Amy Fennegan
Vice President, College Directors Jonathan O. Hafen
Vice President, Employers Mark Wiest
Vice President, Outreach
Todd Gillins
Vice President, Generations
Stephen Whyte
Past President
Chris Feinauer
Secretary to Officers and Executive Committee Jill Nakachi

Chapter Directors

U.S. and Canada
Karen Bybee
Joseph Noorda
Midwest Susan Hunter
Northwest Marcia Bean
South Peter Richards
Southwest Kenneth L. Hunt
West Gregory Drennan
International William (Mac) Epps
Generation Directors
Emeriti Association President Paul Warner
Student Alumni Association President Flint Gardner
Young Alumni Association President TBD


College Directors
Education Robert Gentry
Engineering and Technology Lynn Watson
Family, Home and Social Sciences Allen Kreutzkamp
Fine Arts and Communications Scott Eckern
Humanities Michelle Nilsson Curry
Law Morris Linton
Life Sciences Kyle Tresner
Marriott School of Management Matthew Frost
Nursing Alicia Anderson
Physical and Mathematical Sciences Norman Jarvis
Employers Committee
Member at Large Paul Hansen