Pamela Johnson Paine was born in Los Angeles, California, because her hometown, Overton, Nevada, did not have a doctor or hospital. She enjoyed a childhood in Overton.

After graduating from high school she attended BYU.  During her freshman year the first BYU stake was organized and was the place to meet her husband Peter Paine. He was a native of New York City.  They were married the summer when they both graduated from BYU. Seattle became their home for five years where her husband worked for Boeing and received a master’s degree from the University of Washington. Seattle is where they had their first three boys. Then it was on to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 1964.

There they had two more children one being a girl.  After 15 years in Pittsburg, a place they loved, Peter was transferred to Palo Alto, California, to work for the Electrical Power Research Institute.

In Palo Alto, their son Joel died of complications from a heart infection. He was diagnosed just one year after his mission. In 2009 another son, Jonathan and in 2010 her daughter Kellene passed away. In 1995, her husband Peter died from heart problems. Pamela later moved to Provo. 

She enjoys being a volunteer at the BYU’s Museum of Art, and involved with other organizations. Her living children are David, who is retired from the military, and lives in the Philippines and Jeffery, who has a Ph.D. and owns an engineering firm, lives in Franklin, Tennessee.  Pamela loves working with the Emeriti Alumni board and enjoys the association with all of the board members and emeriti.