Hutch’s 7th Annual Friends of CM and CM Alumni Fall Fly-Fishing Reunion

Hutch’s 7th Annual Friends of CM and CM Alumni Fall Fly-Fishing Reunion will be held Wednesday through Saturday, October 10-13, 2012.  This reunion will feature Phil Rowley (internationally known still-water fly fisherman and author) as our guest instructor.  Phil will be with us October 11th and 12th (Thursday and Friday) for fly fishing instruction and fishing adventures on some of the great still waters near Island Park, including Sheridan Lake, Henry’s Lake, and Island Park Reservoir.  You can access information about Phil at  Some of you will recognize him from fly fishing videos he has produced and shows he has hosted on television. His book, Fly Patterns for Stillwaters, is one of my favorites.

As many of you know, during the last six years, I have hosted ten alumni fly-fishing reunions in Island Park, Idaho and in Eastern Utah.  For the first few years of reunions we only gathered in the autumn, but due to popular demand, during the last three years we have added a spring or summer reunion to the traditional fall gatherings.  Our 2012 spring fly-fishing reunion was held June 19th through the 22nd  in Island Park, Idaho where thirteen CM alumni and friends of CM fished the Henry’s Fork River, Henry’s Lake and the Sheridan Ranch.  Sheridan Ranch is one of the up-and-coming private fly fishing destinations in the Rocky Mountains. The Ranch boasts a 400-acre lake in addition to five miles of spring creek with limited access granted to fly fishermen by the owners.  Many of those in attendance rated our day on Sheridan Lake and spring creek as their best -- or one of their best -- private fly-fishing experiences ever.  Not only were large trout (unofficially estimated at up to seven or eight pounds) hooked on the lake, there were a few fishermen that almost exclusively fished the five-mile spring creek and reported hooking dozens of fish each, with at least one river rainbow measuring 25 inches.  Because of our success, and by popular demand, we will include one day on Sheridan Ranch for each attendee this October as part of the cost of the reunion.  

Besides fishing together and enjoying the group camaraderie, one of the highlights of the June reunion was a presentation by Bill Schiess, author of Fishing Henry’s Lake.  Bill, who has fished and guided on Henry’s Lake for decades (about 100 days a year) spent an evening instructing us on locations, tactics and flies for success on his favorite body of water.  We learned a lot, and we even caught some fish based on his advice!

Our upcoming October reunion is technically a self-guided trip, meaning that we “divide and conquer.”  In addition to our day on Sheridan, those who want to fish streams and rivers have the Yellowstone waters available (West Yellowstone is 20 miles away), the Madison River (25 miles), the Henry’s Fork River (1 mile), and other moving water in the Island Park/Yellowstone area.  Those who want to fish still waters will have Henry’s Lake and Island Park Reservoir (less than 10 miles from the cabin), a secret Montana Lake that has yielded some big rainbows during past reunions, and other local still waters within a short drive of the cabins. As mentioned above, all attendees will enjoy classroom and on-the-water instruction from Phil Rowley, our special guest, and will have the opportunity to fish Sheridan Ranch for one day. 

The total price for the October reunion will be $375 per fisherman.  Once again, this reunion will include up to four days of fishing (two with Phil Rowley as our instructor), three nights’ lodging in one of our two cabins, and most of your meals; this is in addition to a lot of good-old fashioned fish “tales”, where, as ‘me ole pappy’ used to say, We don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.  Also, on these trips we all pitch in to cook and wash dishes!

As usual with our Island Park trips, there are only about a dozen slots available for this reunion, so reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis, with a $150 non-refundable fee locking in your place.  A number of friends and alumni have already claimed their spots, so reservations are almost gone.  If you want to be with us, I suggest that you call or email me as soon as possible.  This will be a great chance to learn from one of the world’s best-known stillwater fly fishermen, and you will also know that some of the money we collect will be going toward student scholarships in our BYU Construction Management program. 

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you again in October.  May you dream of large fish!


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