BYU Alumni Board Members 2017

For contact information, please call Kellie Daniels at (801) 422-3605.

Executive Committee

President Jonathan O. Hafen
President-Elect Karen Bybee
Executive Director Michael A. Johanson
Vice President, Chapter Directors Colette L. McCullough
Vice President, Major Events Fred C. Roberts
Vice President, Recruiting Julie B. Beck
Past President Amy K. Fennegan
Executive Secretary Kellie J. Daniels

Chapter Directors

California North LaRae H. Wilson
California South Phillip C. Wing
East Alisha Malcarne
Great Lakes John Pawlowski
Gulf Doug Bauss
Midwest Hillary Nielsen
Northwest Marcia C. Bean
Mountain Richard Crowley
Southeast Seth Killingbeck
Southwest Tracey B. Long

College Directors

Education Shauna B. Valentine
Engineering Jim L. Trent
Family, Home and Social Sciences Scott Dunaway
Fine Arts and Communications Melinda Semadeni
Humanities Sherami Jara
Law Gayla Sorenson
Life Sciences Rosemary Thackeray
Marriott School of Business Robert Gardner
Nursing Jeff L. Peery
Physical and Mathematical Sciences Jennifer Nielson

At Large 

At Large Daniel R. Jones
At Large Charles H. Kuck
At Large Sean  D. Reyes
At Large Ruth Todd


Emeriti Chapter Paul R. Warner
Student Alumni Association President Lindy Clegg
Young Alumni to be determined


Varsity Club Robbie L. Bosco


LDS Philanthropies Gary J. Terranova