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Chapter Replenishment Grants

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Alumni Chapter Replenishment Grants are the scholarship program for BYU Alumni chapters. Replenishment grants are funded by chapters in the spirit of giving back. They carry with them an invitation to replenish the funds so that tohers may benefit from assistance in the future. This can be done by replenishing the fund directly, serving in your local chpaters, or in other ways.

Chapter Raise Award Funds

  • Funds can be raised in a variety of ways, including direct solicitations and ticket sales to events or other activities sponsored by the chapter.
  • Funds generated from activities for the replenishment grant fund are to be sent to the alumni staff coordinator for deposit in that chapter’s account.
  • Direct donations are to be made through LDS Philanthropies. The best way to do this is from the chapter’s Web page or at
  • Each chapter should establish a coordinator of chapter replenishment grants. This person will oversee the chapters’ replenishment grant program.
  • A committee should be formed by the coordinator to oversee the awarding of the replenishment grants according to the guidelines listed below.

Students Apply for Replenishment Grants

  • Students who desire to be considered must submit an application.
  • Online applications follow this process:
    • Go to, or log in to myBYU, and under “School” click on “Scholarship Application.”
    • Select the semesters you will be attending next year. Complete the Personal Information, Essays, and the Financial Need sections.
    • Indicate that you want to be considered for an Alumni Replenishment Grant, choose the chapter you belong to, complete both essays, and submit the application.
  • Chapters can accept applications directly. Chapters should create such applications in consultation with the alumni office.

BYU Scholarship Policies

  • Must abide by the Honor Code, including the dress and grooming standards.
  • Unless specified, the scholarship is for two semesters.
  • Students register as full-time students and complete a minimum of 28 credit hours (14 per semester) during the two semesters of the award.
  • To be considered for grants: New students must apply each year by the December application deadline; continuing student application deadline is February 1st.
  • Awards are available to undergraduates with fewer than 160 credit hours.

Selecting the Grant Recipient

After BYU has received and processed all application materials, the scholarship office forwards them to the alumni office which then forwards them to the chapters. This will happen in April each year.

  • The Chapter Replenishment Grant Committee selects recipients
    • Chapters establish their own voting procedures.
    • Five voters are strongly recommended; at least three voters are required. Under no circumstances may chapter chairs be the only people to select award recipients and no one can sit on the committee if they have a relation that is an applicant.
  • Applicants must meet the following requirements to qualify for an award:
    • Reside in the boundaries of the chapter giving the award
    • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA
    • Be Admitted to BYU
    • Show financial need
    • Meet qualifications of the scholarship office
  • Additional selection considerations should include:
    • Year in school (preference should be given to juniors and seniors)
    • Academic merit
    • Leadership and service
  • Chapters will forward their selection to the alumni office before May 10 of each year notifying BYU Alumni of the recipient selections, the amount of each award, and the specific semesters of the awards. The grants are posted by BYU Alumni. No grants received after this date will be posted for the coming year.

Approving and Notifying the Recipient

  • Final approval for grant awards rests with the scholarship office. They may deny a grant if the eligibility status of the recipient has changed or the recipient’s academic standing no longer meets the requirements of the BYU Scholarship Policy.
  • The scholarship office also may discuss a selection with the alumni office and the chapter; if a student’s financial need circumstances have changed.
  • BYU Alumni sends a notification to the grant recipients through the university’s AIM system by May 15th.
  • After receiving notification of the final approval, alumni chapters are encouraged to send their own letters of congratulation to the recipients and make a public presentation of the grant.

Repaying the Grant and Replenishing the Fund

  • Repayment is made by the recipient making donations to the chapter through LDS Philanthropies. There is a link for that on the individual chapters' web pages, or by going to
  • Such donations are kept in the chapter’s account until they are reused.

Replenishment Grant Frequently Asked Questions

How can a chapter know if they are accepting applications online?

Go to the scholarship application and follow through with the steps of applying. Once you arrive at the “Alumni” section, look in the drop-down list of chapters accepting applications online. This list is updated every summer.

How can a chapter learn the balance of their Replenishment Grant accounts at BYU?

Contact, by email or phone, the Director of Chapters and Grants, Kellie Daniels, or the Alumni Controller, Jason Brown.

What information needs to be communicated to the Alumni Office for a chapter to award a replenishment grant to a student?

By email send us:

  1. The student's full name
  2. The student’s ID number
  3. The amount of each award
  4. The semester each award is to be given

Does a student replenish the chapter that gave the grant or the chapter where they currently reside?

All donations to BYU will count toward a student’s replenishment commitment. We encourage grant recipients to replenish the chapter that gave them the award, but it is up to the individual where they may wish to donate.