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Services Provided

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Membership and BYU Activity Information

  • Lists of chapter members and their addresses from the alumni database can be provided upon request at this link:
  • Regular information regarding:
    • Travel of BYU entities
      • Performing groups, athletic teams, BYU faculty and administrators
    • Placement, networking, and career fair opportunities

Web Services

Each chapter has its own page hosted on the alumni site with information on members and events among other things.

Training for Chapter Leaders

  • Sponsorship and planning of annual chapter conference.
    • BYU Alumni will host two leaders from each chapter, usually the chapter chairs. The following is provided.
      • Meals during the conference
      • Tickets to campus events
      • Conference training materials, etc.
  • The alumni staff visits chapters on occasion to train leaders and encourage chapter activity, as budgets allow.
  • Quarterly Chapter Training

BYU Alumni Benefits and Support

  • Email production and distribution
    • BYU Alumni staff can create and distribute emails for chapter events
  • Registration for events
    • Creation of event registration for chapter events
    • Taking credit card payment for registration is also provided
  • Postage costs for fliers and postcards 
    • Chapters can ask BYU Alumni to design, print, and mail fliers or postcards for chapter events. The chapter’s accounts will be used to cover the costs.
    • BYU Alumni may decide to pay for a postal mailing based on certain criteria. Such requests from chapters will be referred to the Alumni Communications team. The criteria being considered are:
      • Is there a broad enough appeal for the event that an email will not be sufficient?
      • Is the potential financial benefit for the chapter large enough to justify the cost?
      • Is this a series of events, across several chapters, where the economy of scale can improve the cost basis?
      • The lead time for such mailings is 6 to 8 weeks before the event
  • The design of chapter event fliers and chapter newsletters
  • Awards:
    • Community service awards provided upon approval of the application.
  • Chapter Replenishment Grants:
    • The tracking and maintenance of chapter replenishment grant fund accounts
    • Coordination of replenishment grant awards with the BYU Scholarship Office.
  • Alumni staff can help when contacting BYU faculty and BYU departments