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Services Provided

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Membership and BYU Activity Information

  • Lists of chapter members and their addresses from the alumni database can be provided upon request at this link:
  • Regular information regarding:
    • Travel of BYU entities
      • Performing groups, athletic teams, BYU faculty, and administrators
    • Placement, networking, and career fair opportunities

Web Services

Each chapter has its own page hosted on the alumni site with information on members and events among other things.

Training for Chapter Leaders

Annual Chapter Conference

  • BYU Alumni hosts two leaders from each chapter, usually the chapter chairs.
  • Meals during the conference are provided.
  • Tickets to campus events are provided.
  • Conference training materials are provided to attendees.

The purpose of the conference is to train and equip chapter leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully manage their chapters and serve alumni in their area. The conference covers a range of topics, including leadership development, chapter organization, event planning, and fundraising. Attendees have the opportunity to network with other chapter leaders, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. Overall, the conference is an important opportunity for chapter leaders to learn, grow, and develop the skills they need to be effective in their roles.

  • The alumni staff visits chapters on occasion to train leaders and encourage chapter activity, as budgets allow.

Quarterly Chapter Training

In addition to the annual chapter conference, BYU Alumni provides ongoing training and support to chapter leaders through quarterly Zoom calls. These calls are designed to help chapter leaders develop and enhance their leadership skills, as well as better understand the resources available to them through BYU Alumni.

Here's what you can expect from these quarterly trainings:

  • Regular Zoom calls hosted by BYU Alumni staff
  • Training on various aspects of both BYU and chapter leadership
  • Opportunities to ask questions and share best practices with other chapter leaders
  • Access to helpful resources and materials to support your chapter's activities

Overall, these quarterly trainings are an excellent way to stay up-to-date on the latest developments at BYU and to connect with other chapter leaders from around the world. Whether you're a new chapter chair or a seasoned veteran, you're sure to benefit from the knowledge and insights shared during these calls.

Alumni Staff Visits

The alumni staff may visit chapters from time to time to provide leadership training and to promote chapter activities. However, the frequency of these visits is dependent on the budget available.

BYU Alumni Benefits and Support

  • Email production and distribution
    • BYU Alumni staff can create and distribute emails for chapter events
  • Registration for events
    • Creation of event registration for chapter events
    • Taking credit card payment for registration is also provided
  • Postage costs for fliers and postcards 
    • Chapters can ask BYU Alumni to design, print, and mail fliers or postcards for chapter events. The chapter’s accounts will be used to cover the costs.
    • BYU Alumni may decide to pay for a postal mailing based on certain criteria. Such requests from chapters will be referred to the Alumni Communications team. The criteria being considered are:
      • Is there a broad enough appeal for the event that an email will not be sufficient?
      • Is the potential financial benefit for the chapter large enough to justify the cost?
      • Is this a series of events, across several chapters, where the economy of scale can improve the cost basis?
      • The lead time for such mailings is 6 to 8 weeks before the event
  • The design of chapter event fliers and chapter newsletters
  • Awards:
    • Community service awards provided upon approval of the application.
  • Chapter Replenishment Grants:
    • The tracking and maintenance of chapter replenishment grant fund accounts
    • Coordination of replenishment grant awards with the BYU Scholarship Office.
  • Alumni staff can help when contacting BYU faculty and BYU departments