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First Steps of Event Planning

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Step 1: Define Purpose and Market

  • Why do we do the event? What are our goals? Who do we want to reach? 
Step 2: Put Your Committee Together

  • Select and commit 3-5 volunteers to provide support 
  • Check the BYU Facebook page for advice and ideas from other chapters 
Step 3: Location and Budget

  • Pick a place to host the event 
  • Select a Date and Time 
  • Make reservations if needed 
  • Plan out expenses and how you plan to allocate these resources 
Step 4: Advertising

  • Discuss the best way to get the word out: emails, social media, personal asks, fliers, phone calls 
  • Request an email from the Alumni Office to go out to chapter email lists 
Step 5: Food and Beverage/Swag

  • Discuss if food and/or swag is needed 
  • If swag is needed, reach out via phone or email to the Alumni Office 2-3 months in advance to ensure the arrival of swag