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Alumni Data Service Request

University colleges, departments or other university entities (Requestors) may have access to BYU Alumni data to perform various outreach efforts including direct mail, email, phone calls, and other methods. Requestor may also use the data for analytical purposes related to demographic segmentation for purposes of alumni engagement, updates, and fundraising (as coordinated with Philanthropies). Use of this data by university entities is also governed by a Data Sharing Agreement between BYU Alumni and Philanthropies.

By using the data from BYU Alumni as defined in this Data Sharing Agreement, you (the requesting organization/Requestor) agree to the following conditions:

  1. The Requestor shall comply with BYU’s Data Use, Privacy and Security Policy.
  2. Any use of the data which expands access, alters disclosure, or affects data integrity requires that a new Data Sharing Agreement be approved by the appropriate data steward.
  3. Data cannot be sold or shared with any third-party entity without prior consent from BYU Alumni, and in accordance with BYU’s Data Use, Privacy and Security Policy.
  4. Any and all data will be held strictly confidential and not used for any purpose except as defined in this agreement. Uses outside the permissions granted in this agreement are prohibited.
  5. When access to the data is no longer needed, the Requestor is expected to inform BYU Alumni to remove access rights. The Requestor shall also remove and purge from their systems, through secure procedures, any residual data covered by this agreement.
  6. The Requestor is expected to remove/purge from their systems, through secure procedures, any non-public information accessed as a result of this Agreement at the time access is terminated.
  7. The Requestor shall abide by the laws and university policies that govern the protection and access of information, including but not limited to the university’s Information Security Incident Response procedures.
  8. Uses of information are subject to audit.
  9. If data is used for mass email or text communication, the platforms and systems managed and administered by BYU Alumni Relations shall be used.
Alumni Data Request
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