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Chapter Operations

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Why Start a Chapter?

  • Promote BYU and develop uncommon loyalty
  • Provide service to the community
  • Raise money for replenishment grants for BYU students from our area
  • Develop friendships and networks
  • Develop educational and spiritual opportunities for BYU alumni, Church members, and friends
  • Build the Church in your area through BYU

Create a Committee

A strong and supportive chapter committee is essential to the long-term health of a chapter. Members of this committee understand the Spirit of the Y and have a passion for supporting BYU. They are willing to engage and take lead roles in connecting alumni. They identify others with passion and get them involved in the chapter. They also find representatives from various stakes in your area to ensure coverage of the entire chapter.

Steps that can help you in creating your committee:

  • Contact the Alumni Relations Office to learn the size of your region and population​
    • Our Contact/Email -
    • BYU will supply you with an outreach survey that can help you identify potential committee members
    • BYU will supply you with a demographic sheet and heat map
  • Determine interest. One of the first objectives is identifying people who might have an interest in BYU. Interest falls into several categories
    • People who want to be actively involved in the local chapter (your worker bees!)
    • Alumni who will participate in events and activities
    • Friends of BYU, which may include people whose children have gone to BYU, sports fans, or others
    • Church members and the local community who are attracted to events and activities held by the Chapter
    • BYU Alumni and friends who are already involved with a constituency group such as the law or business school in your area
  • Organize a Committee
    • Pick at least 3 individuals and/or couples to serve on your committee
    • If your chapter covers multiple stakes, try to find additional committee members from other stakes
    • Look for liaisons in various wards

Create a Chapter Plan

How will your chapter achieve True Blue? How will your chapter work with local Church leaders? How can you assist those leaders in meeting the needs and desires of local wards and stakes? How will your chapter connect alumni to the university and reignite the feeling of the Spirit of the Y? What part will your chapter play in fulfilling BYU’s divine mission?

You can achieve your objectives, by following these steps:

  1. Determine needs
  2. Use the reporting system to build your calendar of events
  3. Delegate tasks
  4. Plan for evaluation; set goals
  5. Learn from each effort
  6. Repeat

Chapter Finances

  • Review Chapter Finances & Fundraising 
  • There are two types of accounts
    1. Chapter checking or savings accounts are for your chapter operations. If you currently do not have an account, you can create an account in your area. Reach out to Jason Brown for details on how to create an account
    2. BYU account is for money held by BYU Alumni. The account holds funds for Replenishment Grants

Marketing Communication

Communication with alumni is critical. Alumni begin to see the chapter as a relevant entity as they receive regular communication from the chapter. This also leads to finding new people to get involved.

Email communication can be effective. Chapters can send a broadcast email to their chapter whenever they have a relevant message to share. Here is the Email Request Form. Chapters are encouraged to increase the coverage of email addresses in their area by contacting the individuals without an email address on their alumni lists and sharing that information with BYU. Keeping records current is essential to creating links and continuing links between alumni and the university.

Chapter Positions

Keys to an Active, Dynamic Chapter

  • Capable leaders who are passionate about supporting BYU and have the desire and time to work. One person cannot, and should not, do it all
  • Chapter leaders should recruit other alumni who have a passion for supporting BYU. All who express interest should be involved
  • Volunteers who take service seriously so that events are successful
  • Task-specific committees with alumni who fulfill assignments without constant guidance
  • Remember to update your committee in the reporting system

Required Positions

There are three required positions for Chapters rosters:

  • Chapter Chair: lead, organize, and direct Chapter operations, including Replenishment Grant selection, Chapter finances, and public affairs; delegate where possible to provide meaningful service and recognition opportunities for alumni and friends
  • Chapter Chair-Elect (person(s) who replaces the Chapter Chair): support the current Chapter Chair in one of the Chapter Event Categories
  • Chapter @Large (determined by local needs of chapter; see an optional position below): actively recruit the next Chapter Chair-Elect; support the current Chapter Chair in one of the Chapter Event Categories

Recommended optional positions include:

  • Past Chapter Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer (required if Chapter has a local bank account)
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Public Affairs Specialist
  • Event Specialist
  • Society Coordinator (collaborates with BYU Management Society, J. Reuben Clark Law Society, etc.)
  • Membership and Data Coordinator
  • BYU-Idaho representative
  • BYU-Hawaii representative
  • BYU-Pathway Worldwide representative
  • Young Professionals representative

Recommended term of service is two (2) years and is renewable, based on local needs