Chapter Partners

Alumni Career Services

Professional Career assistance for BYU Alumni

Scott Greenhalgh - – 801-422-3000

Personal assistance for BYU Alumni in their professional career. Tools available for Networking and Mentoring with BYU Connect. Other assistance through Job Board, Career Shift, LinkedIn, Career Fairs, Professional Development and more.

Athletic Outreach/Community Service

General information provided regarding Student Athletes and our Athletic Department

Paul Tidwell -  801-422-5417

Student Athlete Welfare Coordinator - Duties include Career Preparation, Life Skills, Resume Writing, and preparing our Student Athlete’s for life after sports.  We hold career fairs specifically for Student Athlete’s.  Help with Internships/Jobs, Post Graduate Scholarships, and work with getting our athletes out in the community doing service. 

Admissions Office

Our outreach team is happy to work with Alumni chapters in any way we can to assist them in representing BYU, and in their specific chapter responsibilities.

The Admissions Office is responsible to represent BYU to prospective students and their families, and to recruit them to the University. We assist students in their preparation for higher education and for BYU specifically. Additionally, we administer the application process, and coordinate the evaluation of all applicants to the University. We see the Alumni chapters as partners in these processes.

BYU Hawaii

Help provide current student contact information from BYU-Hawaii

Eddie Maiava (Student Recruitment and Alumni Relations) -, 808-675-4531

BYU Idaho

Help provide current student contact information from BYU-Idaho

Tyler Richey (Career and Alumni Services Manager) -, 208-496-3306

BYU Performing Arts Management

BYU Performing Arts Management can work with you to provide family-friendly entertainment for your chapter from 16 different BYU performing groups.

BYU Performing Arts Management works with BYU Alumni Chapters as the sponsor for BYU performing group performances. These performances are wonderful opportunities for your chapter to host a family-friendly event with the best music and dance talent that BYU has to offer. Our team will work with you every step of the way to help you coordinate a venue, ticketing, promotion, the performance, meals, and accommodations.

Risk Management and Safety Department (RMSD)

We provide contract review, which is necessary per the Legal Documents policy of the university, event assessment and approval, and we handle all insurance requests from non-BYU venues. 

Chapters should not be signing any agreements, whether for venues they’d like to rent or for the services of 3rd-party vendors, on behalf of BYU.  If so, they could be held personally liable.  All high-risk activities will require participant waivers, which RMSD will provide either online or in PDF format.  Please contact RMSD with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Speakers Bureau

Selection of approved BYU faculty and administrators willing to share their expertise with off campus audiences.

Kellie Daniels - - 801-422-3605