Tips for Hosting a PAM Event 

  • Join as many ward and stake social media pages/groups as can be could find. This proves to be pretty successful and provides the most visibility   
  • Boost advertising (Facebook and Instagram mostly. Advertising certainly yields a lot of hits and increased visibility. Target anything BYU related, choir related, LDS related etc 
  •  Request emails from the Alumni Office 
  • Optional: Send an email blast to chapter email list from attendees of past events 
  • Distribute information to the stakes in region 
  • Make sure posters and fliers are in each meetinghouse by the entrances to the chapels and billboards 
  • Jointly advertise with group/organization where event will be held. Offer 20-25 complimentary tickets for partner group/organization 
  • Reach out to all middle school and high school choir directors 
  • More information can be found here