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BYU Alumni Chapters offer services and activities to keep alumni active in the life of the university today and to connect you with your wealth of experiences from your time at BYU. There are Regional Chapters (based on where you live), College Chapters (aligned with your degree, college, or department at BYU) and Professional Chapters (associated with a group, industry, society or affiliation of grads). All Chapters have one purpose - to be True Blue.

They connect alumni with students (mentoring, internships, employment opportunities, replenishment grants).

They connect alumni with each other (networking, career and professional development, social activites).

They enlarge the Spirit of the Y (community recognition, service projects, newsletters).

You can donate to our chapter at https://ldsp-pay.ldschurch.org/donations/byu/alumni/chapters-us.html?cid=BYU-alumni-US-chapter

Chapter Events

BYU Alumni Border-to-Border Bike Ride

Minnesota - South Dakota border
Jun 21, 2021

Join you family and friends for an east-west ride across the sate of Minnesota! This is a recreational (not a race) which requires registration and preparation but is open to riders of all abilities. You should be able to comfortable ride 50 miles in a day. We will start on the west side of the state and finish four days later in Stillwater to dip our bicycle tires in the St. Croix River at the Wisconsin border. Come join us for a great once-in-a-lifetime experience!

BYU Campus Minnesota Chapter Homecoming Dinner

Oct 08, 2021

Come enjoy some Football and Food/Drinks with your classmates and Alumni as we celebrate Homecoming 2021!

For all Board Members and Volunteers

Dec 15, 2021

Come celebrate the end of a successful year and enjoy networking together with food and fun!

Other Leaders

Secretary: Kara Francis

Treasurer: Andrew Stevenson

Board Member At-Large: Denis Silva

Regional Liaison (Duluth): Andrew Stevenson

Regional Liaison (East Metro/Western WI): Brian Mower

Regional Liaison (North Metro): Ellen Fudge

Diversity and Inclusion: Ryan Borelo

Planning Committee Member: Jan Erik Aase

Graphic Design: Britta Peterson

Board Member At-Large: Scott Peterson

Board Member At-Large: Logan Bohman


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