Pennsylvania - Greater Philadelphia

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Robert and Noramah Neu

Chapter Leaders

Chapter Chair: Robert and Noramah Neu

VC Connections:

VC Social Media: Elizabeth Latey

Treasurer: Marcus Corbitt

Secretary: David & Barbara Shaw

Auxiliary Positions

Education Chair: Candy McNaughton

Nursing Chair: Lori Wheeler

Welcome Dinner Chair: Anne Neilsen

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BYU Alumni Chapters offer services and activities to keep alumni active in the life of the university today and to connect you with your wealth of experiences from your time at BYU. There are Regional Chapters (based on where you live), College Chapters (aligned with your degree, college, or department at BYU) and Professional Chapters (associated with a group, industry, society or affiliation of grads). All Chapters have one purpose - to be True Blue.

They connect alumni with students (mentoring, internships, employment opportunities, replenishment grants).

They connect alumni with each other (networking, career and professional development, social activites).

They enlarge the Spirit of the Y (community recognition, service projects, newsletters).

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Chapter Events

Education Conference

Valley Forge Stake Center - Broomall
Sep 14, 2019

Classes for youth and their parents in preparation of higher education options after high school and A College Fair Carnival to wrap up the event.