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College Tax Refunds

Thousands of BYU alumni have left tax-refund money on the table.

Did you or your child receive undergraduate scholarships or Pell grants (FAFSA) in the past 4 years?

If so, your family may have missed $1,300 or more* on your OLD tax refunds.

There is no such thing as free money—but there is such a thing as "missed money." We urge you to get your missed money back from the IRS. You can get it back for up to 3 years, but after that your money is lost forever.

9 million college families FAIL to claim hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits every year (source: IRS Fact Sheet), even if they already got a huge tax refund with the help of a CPA. Parents and students especially miss money when scholarships and grants pay for tuition.

The free instant online calculator at immediately tells you exactly how much missed money the IRS owes you on OLD taxes. It only takes about 3 minutes to enter a few numbers from your taxes (no self-identifying information required). The hardest part is digging up your old tax returns, but $1,300 is worth looking for them!

Claiming your missed money from the IRS can be a challenge without experienced professional help. College Tax Refunds LLC has helped thousands of recent college students ant their parents claim millions in missed IRS tax refunds. Beating the IRS is their job, and the Better Business Bureau gives them an A+.

If you like your projected refund, College Tax Refunds will help you get it back from the IRS for less than one-third of the money they get for you, and BYU Alumni now get a special 10 percent discount! You pay nothing until your missed money arrives, and if you don't get any additional money, there's no cost.

*$1,313.89 is the average amount of missed money College Tax Refunds has recovered for each current or former student from 2015-2018. Click to learn more about College Tax Refunds