Biggest Loser Contestant Now Helps Others

When Moses S. Kinikini (BS ’90) underwent a health assessment to see if he qualified for the rigorous reality TV weight-loss program The Biggest Loser, he expected the show’s physician to tell him something along the lines that while he was 47 years old, he had the physical health of a 65-year-old.

Instead Dr. Robert Huizenga told him he was going to die. 

“Dr. Huizenga predicted I would die April 23, 2024,” says the Shelley, Idaho, resident, who tipped the scales at a whopping 475 pounds when he and his daughter Kaylee were selected for the show. “I was blown away. I began to cry, not for myself, but for my 8-year-old daughter, who would lose her father in her early 20s if this happened.”

The physician also calculated that Kinikini had a 90 percent chance of developing diabetes within a year and a 50 percent chance of eventually having a stroke or heart attack.

Not willing to accept this fate, Kinikini took advantage of every opportunity available on The Biggest Loser ranch. By exercising and eating healthy meals with vegetables, whole grains, and fruit, he lost an almost unheard of 41 pounds at the first weigh-in. He then broke a record by becoming the first participant to lose 100 pounds in six weeks. 

The doctor revised his health projections and added 19 years to Kinikini’s life. Kinikini, who believes The Biggest Loser saved his life, certified as a personal trainer and is helping others regain their health.

—Charlene Renberg Winters (BA ’73, MA ’96), BYU Magazine, Spring 2012

Full Name: 
Moses S. Kinikini
Grad Year: 
BS 1990
International Studies
Marketing-International Business
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