A Chosen Instrument

Under Karl G. Maeser Brigham Young Academy established itself as one of the leading schools in Utah territory. The curriculum continually expanded to meet the ever-changing and ever-increasing needs of local and regional education. But the uniqueness of the school lay not in its academic emphasis but in its religious foundation. Maeser placed the development of character above the development of intellect. He taught his students that lessons themselves were not the most important part of learning, but that if a student accepted an assignment it became "a matter of honor to be prepared…if you have to sit up all night." He did not teach the subject as much as he taught the student. In matters of morals and religious conduct, he saw things as black and white. He devised for Brigham Young Academy an intricate system of rules, regulations, and academic routine all designed to form habits of proper conduct.

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Full Name: 
Karl G. Maeser
Grad Year: 
1876 - 1892
BYU Office of the Presidents
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