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L. Gordon Flake, 2012 Alumni Achievement Award winner, David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies

Kennedy Center (BA '91, MA '92) 
Bowie, Md.

BYU lesson learned: "To challenge my own assumptions. You come to any issue carrying a set of assumptions based on what little prior knowledge you have on that issue, and it's easy to let those things color your views."

Student labor: "My freshman year I fried doughnuts—at 3:30 a.m. I went down to the bowels of the Wilkinson Center every morning and I learned how to fry thousands of doughnuts and glaze them."

Y nostalgia: "You're in the mountains; you're there every day. That feeling of being there and the security of being in the mountains—that I miss."

Secret skill: "I am very skilled at using old cowboy songs to embarrass teenagers."

Hobby: Travel. "One of my favorite mottos is 'The world is a book: If you don't travel, you're only reading one page.'"

Speaker notes: "For the last four years, we've had a U.S.-Korea relationship that most people describe as the best ever. Part of the reason is that we have an American 'liberal' president who is in many ways more conservative than the Korean 'conservative' president."

Full Name: 
L. Gordon Flake
Grad Year: 
BA 1991, MA 1992
International Studies
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