Finding Families

Marilyn Dahneke recently shared her experiences working in family history.

“I'm an ordinary person who has striven to live the commandments of our Heavenly Father,” she says. “I have lived the last forty-four years in Palmyra, New York, and I have worked in a family history center longer than I can remember. I continue to help others find their dear families so that they can be together forever. Nothing outstanding, but completely exciting and fulfilling as I help others identify their families that came before them.”

Marilyn has had wonderful experiences working on her own family history, and one experience in particular stands out. After searching through wills from Shipdham, England around the 16th century, Marilyn finally found the maiden name of her 12th great-grandmother in the will of a half-sister. “The best experiences are when I feel our ancestors’ appreciation for discovering them and doing their temple work—but that is the language of the spirit which does not translate into verbal language,” Marilyn says.

Marilyn and her husband, Barton, have seven children—four of whom have graduated from BYU.

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Marilyn Dahneke
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