Nurse manager, University of Utah Burn Center

Lezli Matthews, 2012 Alumni Achievement Award winner, College of Nursing

Nursing (AS '82) 
Sandy, Utah

Y nostalgia: "I just feel a clean and peaceful feeling on this campus. It's a break from the rest of the world."

Laughable college goal: "I did not have the goal to get married. So to find somebody and get married really was a surprise to me. My goal in college was to graduate and instantly make some good money so I could travel. But I didn't. I had a baby, went straight to work, and have never slowed down."

Why nursing: "My great-grandmother was a midwife, and my grandmother helped her for years. My grandmother and my mother always told me I would make a great nurse."

Driving force: "I've been criticized—told that I spend too much time worrying about my staff. That's a compliment. Staff who know they are valued and cared for deliver excellent patient care; that's also what keeps my patient satisfaction scores up. That drives me."

Speaker notes: "When you get to the door of your assignment, take the big breath, shake off the drama we all have: don't bring it in to the place where you are caring for patients; leave it at the door so your energy can be focused on your patients."

Full Name: 
Lezli Williams Matthews
Grad Year: 
AS 1982
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