Rhino Trouble

BYU alum Grant Olsen is publishing a children’s book called Rhino Trouble, and will donate all proceeds to the Umbrella Foundation, a non-profit for at-risk children in Nepal.

While a student at BYU, Olsen traveled to Nepal to explore the country with his sister. In a jungle village, he met dozens of adorable children and spent all day playing with them—only to learn that these children often had to stay up at night to guard the village’s crops from hungry rhinos, using only sticks to ward off the rhinos. 

Children fighting rhinos with branches astonished Olsen, so he wrote a children’s book about it. After multiple attempts to get his book published he finally signed a book deal, and Rhino Trouble will be released in November 2015. He hopes his book will raise awareness of the plight of Nepalese children and raise funds for the Umbrella Foundation.

Full Name: 
Grant Olsen
Grad Year: 
BA 2005 English
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