The Right Place to Be

Paul Wells, a graduate in Music Education, had wanted to attend BYU for as long as he could remember. “I knew that studying the sacred alongside the secular was right for me,” he says. Although other universities tried to recruit him, Wells admits, “when the time came to apply for schools, BYU was the only one on my list.”

It was quickly apparent that he made the right decision. “I loved attending BYU!” Wells says. For Wells, this was due to the wealth of both secular and religious resources that BYU had to offer: from the devotionals, to the social scene, to the beauty of campus itself. What’s more, Wells found several financial blessings that helped him while at school. “I was deeply grateful for scholarships that helped cover the costs of going to school, and received various grants to do original research as part of my honors thesis.”

Although Wells loved BYU, he was equally excited to graduate. “Within a month of graduating I had a full-time position in my dream profession.” Still, after entering the workforce, Wells eventually returned to his beloved alma mater to earn his Master’s degree. “I feel that my additional research and study as a graduate student has greatly enhanced my skills and understanding within my discipline and helped me to be a better breadwinner for my growing family.”

Looking back at his time at BYU, Wells tries to see how the university has been able to change his life for the better. “I hope that the time I spent at BYU has also made me a better citizen, a better husband and father, and a better disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Full Name: 
Paul D. Wells
Grad Year: 
BM 2009, MM 2015
Fine Arts and Communications
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