Unlocking Secret Talents

When workers at a company in Brazil learned one of their colleagues had attended school in the United States, they asked him to teach them English. Carlos Martins (BS ’85) obliged their request by teaching a few English lessons in the evening. Within a year, word of his talent had spread and Martins’ pay for teaching English on the side surpassed his full-time salary. So he quit his day job and opened Wizard Language Institute. A year later he began franchising.

Now, after two decades in business, Wizard teaches 500,000 students in 1,200 franchised locations in five countries, including Japan and the United States. Wizard is the largest chain of language schools in the world.

“I feel that the Lord gives each of us certain talents, abilities, and skills that we are not fully aware of,” says the BYU graduate. “But as we seek his guidance he shows us what those talents are and how they can bless us, our community, and the world.”

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Full Name: 
Carlos R. W. Martins
Grad Year: 
BS 1985
Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Computer Science
Erica J. Teichert
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