Utah County Cardiology Pioneer

John K. Frischkencht, 2012 Alumni Achievement Award winner, College of Life Sciences

Life Sciences (BS '68) 
Mapleton, Utah

Favorite BYU class: Genetics. "I think that's where the future is. Most diseases have a genetic predisposition."

Laughable college goal: "Establish a fife, jug, and bottle band. It never got off the ground, but it did get a start."

Why cardiology: "I'm amazed by the heart's resilience. It gets wounded . . .and it keeps on going. It's better than the Energizer bunny."

Professional rewards: "Helping people. When somebody comes in with a bad heart attack and wonders if they're going to live or die, and you can fix their artery, they're so grateful."

Hobby: "I love livestock. I still have an interest in the ranch I grew up on in Manti, and periodically I go down and work with my brothers, ride horses, gather the cows and the sheep. It's hard to take the farm out of a boy."

Speaker notes: "Cardiology has made tremendous strides in diagnosing and treating heart disease. . . . The success in the future in combating coronary artery disease will be identifying those at risk and establishing preventive measures through lifestyle modifications, gene manipulation, and medicines that will alter metabolic abnormalities."

Full Name: 
John K. Frischknecht
Grad Year: 
BS 1968
Life Sciences
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