Your Favorite Professors: Camille Fronk Olson

We asked BYU alumni to name their all-time favorite professors, and got to know some of the outstanding teachers who have left a lasting impression on their students.

Camille Fronk Olson (MA '86, PhD '96) has been a professor of ancient scripture at BYU since 1994 and has loved teaching students with a strong desire to learn from the scriptures. Throughout her teaching career, she has taught her students to love the scriptures and to understand the context surrounding these ancient texts. In class, Professor Olson shows her students how to apply the scriptures in the context of their own lives and to make connections between ancient teachings and the teachings of modern-day prophets. “I think my greatest goal as a professor of ancient scripture here at BYU has been to help build faith and confidence in students in their ability to access the teachings of Jesus Christ through the scriptures,” she explains.

Many BYU alumni remember the life-changing lessons learned in Professor Olson’s class, long after leaving BYU. Watch the video below to learn more about Professor Olson and her scriptural expertise.

Full Name: 
Camille Fronk Olson
Grad Year: 
MA 1986, PhD 1996
International Studies
Ancient Near Eastern Studies
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