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Email Best Practices

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As humans, we are visual creatures with short attention spans. Furthermore, most of us receive an overwhelming amount of emails. It is key to keep emails succinct, visual, and quickly answer the question, "what's in it for me?"

The following guide will help you create great emails:

Create a Solid Subject Line

  • Find and communicate the benefit  
  • Keep subject lines descriptive and short  
  • Include the name of the organization if applicable (i.e., 'BYU Alumni', 'BYU Management Society', etc.) 

Incorporate Captivating Imagery 

  • Photos and videos of past events engage 
  • Great headshots of speakers are key
    • ​Warning: Don't send image-only emails as many users choose a text-only experience

Keep Copy Short and Sweet 

  • Pay off the promise made in the subject line -- show the benefit to the reader
  • Be succinct and avoid long blocks of copy 

One Call to Action

  • Except for in newsletters, keep it to one (possibly two) CTAs 
  • Make CTAs clear and immediate (e.g., 'Register Now') 

Timing and Frequency

  • Best send days are Wednesdays and Thursdays: Tuesdays are mediocre. 
  • Space email sends apart by at least one week when possible