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Email Forwarding

Welcome to

Welcome to—the BYU Alumni Association's free e-mail forwarding service for BYU alumni (anyone with at least 24 credit hours at BYU). With your own address, you will never again have to notify your friends and associates of a change in e-mail address. This permanent forwarding address stays with you for life, even if you change the service that provides your e-mailbox account.

To set up your forwarding service:

  1. Get an e-mail account. You need to establish your personal e-mail account with the provider of your choice. Many companies provide free e-mail accounts. 
  2. Get a BYU NetID if you don't already have one. This is a one-time process that will take just a few minutes. Go to and fill out the requested information. This personal information will be authenticated against university records to verify your status as a BYU alumnus or alumna.
    Having a BYU NetID gives you pre-defined rights to various secured online services offered by BYU. Among these is the new e-mail forwarding service. Other secured services will be offered as they become available.  
  3. Get a BYU e-mail forwarding address. After completing the BYU NetID process, go to to register for your personal e-mail forwarding address. As part of that registration process, you will record the main address for your chosen e-mailbox account, so the forwarding address knows where to direct your mail. Whenever you change your e-mailbox account, simply come back to and give your forwarding address the new routing instructions for mail.

If you still cannot set up an email forwarding address, you may need to verify your information with us, in order for the system to recognize you as an alumnus or alumna of BYU. To do this, please contact Alumni Records at: (801) 422-6740.