General Chapter Training Videos

Chapter Finance

Brief introduction about donations, fundraising, and how to manage your chapter’s finances regarding events, reimbursements, and out of pocket expenses.


Learn how to identify sponsors, use chapter member’s talents, and organize and effective tear level organization. Hear suggestions on how to incorporate sponsors and show them appreciation.

Creating a Fundraising Plan

Basic development of a fundraising plan with objective, goals, audiences, descriptions, and measurable.

Exploring Funding Sources

Learn how to reach your chapter’s local funding sources as well as how to gather and organize basic contact information and special notes about donors/sponsors.

How to Make the Ask

Better understand how to make the ask to sponsors. Share your personal narrative and develop personal relationships before you make the ask.

How to Make the Ask Pt 2

Continue to learn the next steps of how to make an ask. Tips of how to use the list of names you have and choose words that empower volunteers. Learn how to ask and learn from possible rejection.

How to Receive Donated Funds

Learn how to receive donated funds from an individual donor or from a sponsor.

Email Process and Social Media

Email processes and social media tips and guidelines by Shane