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Jordan Karpowitz

College Director, Family, Home, and Social Sciences

As assistant dean, Jordan (BA ’92) oversees communications and alumni efforts for the dean’s office and nine departments in the college. During her 20+ years career as a communications professional, she’s worked with a variety of organizations including Adobe, Coursera, Covance, Deloitte Consulting, Duke University, Northwestern Mutual, Novell, Nu Skin, and O.C. Tanner.

She’s successfully pitched stories to local news, top-tier magazines, and national broadcast outlets, has written articles for thought leaders in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and trade publications, and promoted two New York Times best sellers.

Jordan was raised on a steady diet of travel while living in Frankfurt, Germany, for many of her formative years. She claims Maryland as her “hometown” state, married a Kansas Jayhawk, completed an internship in Vienna, Austria, raised her older children in New Jersey, and currently lives with her family in Provo. Her husband is a BYU professor, and her three oldest children are BYU students.