New Chapter Training Videos


Welcome to BYU Alumni

What do we do at BYU Alumni? We help you stay connected for good. Watch this video to learn more.


Learn about BYU Alumni and our reason to serve. Find out more about what you can do as a BYU alum.

The Basics of Being a Chapter Chair

Wondering what the attributes and responsibilities of a chapter leader are? This video has you covered.

True Blue

Learn about our goal and purpose as BYU Alumni as well as how to become a True Blue Chapter.

Replenishment Grant

Learn how replenishment grants work. Discussion of the process of replenishment grants and your role within your chapter.

Reporting System

Walk through of the new reporting system and tools available for chapter chairs. Learn how to add an event and request email blasts to be sent to alumni in your chapter.

Chapter Toolbox

Learn how to access the chapter leadership toolbox with accompanying links and tools available for chapter chairs.


Learn the responsibilities and duties of the chapter treasurer.