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Dear Divine Daughter

Twin sisters find women of the Bible to share with their daughters.

“When my daughter was two weeks old, I held her and was overcome with the feeling that I was holding something divine,” remembers Amber LeBaron Corkin (BS ’14). Later that day while reading the scriptures, she suddenly felt a desire to share with her daughter the stories of women in scripture. Corkin called her twin sister, Aubri LeBaron Robinson (BS ’13), who had an infant girl of her own, and shared the idea. Together, they immediately got to work on delivering a book of Bible women called Dear Divine Daughter: Inspiring Stories of Bible Women.

Read Amber and Aubri's full story here at Y Magazine.

Full Name: Amber LeBaron Corkin and Aubri LeBaron Robinson
Grad Year: BS 2014 and BS 2013
College: Marriott School of Business
Post date: March 3, 2022
Author: Meg Sheffield