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Larger than Life

Janie Thompson's lack of professional training didn't stop her from creating larger-than-life shows at BYU.

She never had a voice lesson, although the talent was clearly there. She had only two years of formal piano training, although her innate musical abilities were evident as a child. And she never took a production class, but she became legendary at BYU for larger-than-life shows.

Janie Thompson’s lack of formal training never slowed her down–she has embraced music and entertainment all her life. Thompson was the tornado who energized BYU’s performing arts program in 1952, and she remained a whirlwind director/producer/ entertainer until her retirement in 1984.

During her time at BYU, she created created six touring shows. Two of them–the Young Ambassadors and Lamanite Generation (now Living Legends)–are still thriving in BYU’s School of Music today.

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Full Name: Janie Thompson
Grad Year: BA 1943
College: Fine Arts and Communications
Post date: March 14, 2018
Author: Sam Bigelow