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Mentoring at the Marriott School

A. Kim Smith, 2014 Alumni Achievement Award winner, Marriott School of Management

Initially, Andrew Kim Smith (BA '77 MBA '79) attended BYU only because his father offered to pay for his education. But he liked BYU after a few years—it was where Smith decided to serve a mission, met his wife, and was recruited for his first job. Reflecting on his time at BYU, Smith says, “I learned to always be a student, . . . to stay as curious and learn as much as I possibly can.”

Smith worked for nearly 28 years at Goldman Sachs, where he traded in government debt and derivatives all over the world. He later played an essential role creating Goldman Sachs University, which gives all company employees and key global clients access to entry level and continuing education programs teaching about new markets, new products, and leadership skills.

While serving as an Area Seventy, Smith was assigned help prepare for the Manhattan New York Temple dedication. He was responsible for a youth jubilee involving 4,000 youth who performed at the Radio City Music Hall the evening before the dedication.

Smith has been honored with many awards throughout the years: the New York chapter of the BYU Management Society (NYLDSPA) recognized Smith with the Visionary Leadership Award, and the Marriott School honored him with the Marriott Award for outstanding contributions to school spirit. For the last 14 years Smith has served on the National Advisory Council of the Marriott School, is the advisor to the Investment Banking Club, and mentors students for top positions at financial institutions. Looking forward, Smith hopes to develop a process for BYU’s Department of Finance “that allows us to put our students in the best companies in the world. We’ve made good progress so far, but there’s still wood to chop.”

As a professor at the Marriott School, Smith accompanied students on trips to Omaha, Nebraska, to meet Warren Buffet. On one particular trip he invited Buffet to be a guest conductor for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir: Buffet declined, saying he was too shy.

He and his wife, Julie Brown Smith, are the parents of four children, all of whom are loyal Cougar fans.

Full Name: A. Kim Smith
Grad Year: BA 1977, MBA 1979
College: Business
Post date: July 10, 2017