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True Blue

2017 University Award winner, Emeriti Distinguished Service Award

If BYU’s Alumni Association president were to open a vein, his blood would probably run blue. That’s because Paul E. Gilbert has been associated with BYU throughout his life and says he still feels inspired and thrilled every time he comes to campus.

The Phoenix-based attorney’s affiliation began in childhood when he attended BY Elementary, BY Junior High, and BY High School. He then attended BYU as a history major and served as student body president. His father, who died while Gilbert was a child, was a BYU assistant football coach, and his second father was a BYU dean. The roots go even deeper. His mother taught English at BY High, all seven of his brothers and sisters have attended BYU, and the tradition is continuing with his own children.

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Full Name: Paul E. Gilbert
Grad Year: BS 1968
College: Family, Home, and Social Sciences
Major: History
Post date: August 13, 2019
Author: Charlene Winters